Monday, April 21, 2014

Trotter's Trail

Trotter's Trail
500 Lebanon Rd.
Pendleton, SC 29670

Trotters Trail is located in Pendleton just behind Veteran's Park 
(you'll see only ball fields so drive around to the back).  

 Located directly beside Barret's Place Playground.

The trail is fabulously shaded and smooth, perfect for walking, running, strollers and wheelchairs. 

Named after Justin Trotter who loved nature (read his story here ).

Stays cooler in the mornings even in summer

4 laps = approx. 1 mile

To rent a picnic shelter call Town Hall @ (864)646-9409

To personalize a picket, paver or tile call Kim or Bill @ (864)287-7634

To join the playground patrol (volunteer to help keep the park clean) call Davie Kirkley @ (864)646 6291

To report and littering, vandalism, or misconduct call (864)646-9022

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